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  We are the RI Alliance of Social Service Employees and our union, SEIU Local 580 represents more than 850 public sector workers throughout the State of Rhode Island. We provide a variety of  services to low income families, at risk children, veterans, people with mental illness, developmental disabilities ,individuals with businesses and citizens needing help with accessing resources. Local 580 members are united in our mission to raise living standards for working families while improving the quality and affordability of the services the state provides.

SEIU Local 580 is a part of the Services Employees International Union, the fastest growing labor union in the United States. SEIU is the nation’s largest health care union, the largest property services union, and the second largest public employee union.

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The objective of this Local Union is to improve the lives of working people and their families and  lead the way to a more just and humane society utilizing the Service Employees International Union.

To unite Local 580 members within the jurisdiction of the Service Employees International Union for mutual welfare, protection and advancement.

To work as Union members in the establishment and maintenance of fair wages, hours, working conditions, and professional standards.

To encourage and support women and members of minority groups to participate fully in the activities of the Local.

To eradicate discriminatory practices by the employer and society at large.

To seek ways to improve the quality of service the state provides.

To help build a strong labor movement that is reflective of the needs of working men and women.

To promote and encourage the involvement of it’s members in the political process, including elections and other forms of political activity.

Our office is located at:
1258 Elmwood Ave Unit #1
Providence, RI 02907
Fax: 401-461-7948

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President - Kathy McElroy

First Vice President - Thomas Tedeschi

Second Vice President - Keri Anne Paquin

Treasurer - Marie Sammartino

Recording Secretary - Jennifer Ryan

Membership Secretary - Marguerite Belisle

C.O.P.E. Secretary - William Hawkins III